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Night Watch - Bermuda Return


So many stars, the night moon so bright

Soothing the soul, sailing at night.

The ocean is said to be fearing and dread

A wandering spirit excites in your head.

So many then, and so many now,

Future adventures can't comprehend how,

The travels, the vessels, the ships they may sail, so many lost, so many prevail.

Sail on your own, for duty, for country 

Serve and protect or in search of some bounty,

Travel together, to discover, explore

Share in new memories, create your own lore!

Cherish each day, fly like a dove

In nature, in spirit, abundant with love.

Be ready and open, accept what is offered

The ocean will test, you may strengthen or  may soften 

But then you will know, your soul will be cleansed,

the call of adventure,  forever you'll sense, to

Come home with your heart giving and free

Come home together, you and the sea. 

June 29, 2017

from the helm of Traveller Two

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