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About Us

Arnis and Jane are serious travellers and foodies who enjoy sailing.  Wherever we are around the world, we search out the best local food related experiences ~ whether it is going to the local market, catching our own fish and cooking it onboard, or trying out local cuisine and beverages at restaurants and bars.  We believe that in seeking out these unique experiences, one can truly appreciate and understand the local culture. 

We are a unique couple in that we both had lives before coming together in 2011 through sailing. Arnis, an accomplished landscape architect and entrepreneur, has been racing and sailing for his entire adult life. Jane has been sailing on and off since childhood.

Jane, an entrepreneur, travel officianodo, and trained accountant, who spent most of her adult life pursuing her business success and was single until age 48, met Arnis at a birthday party at her best friend's house.  He was introduced to her as sailor, and Jane was looking to buy a boat to further her love for sailing.  Arnis advice ~ DON'T BUY A BOAT!!!  He advised for Jane to try it out for a year by crewing on his J24 race boat at the local Yacht Club in Toronto for "round the cans" racing.  Jane, not to ever be told what to do, went ahead and purchased her first sail boat regardless of her new friend's advice.  


And so it began.....Arnis committed to help Jane find a group of sailing friends at the yacht club so she wouldn't be forced to single hand.  And 3 years  and one new boat later, they were married at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.  Their honeymoon was spent on their 45 foot Beneteau Oceanis, and since then, Arnis and Jane have travelled in many different locations around the Great Lakes, and internationally.  They are now embarking on a round the world adventure on their newest boat, Traveller IV,  an AMEL 50, which was delivered in June 2019 in La Rochelle, France.  They have sailed Traveller IV to the Mediterranean Sea and will continue their adventures in 2020.

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