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Peachy Paxos

Having departed Corfu, we set sail to Paxos. Everyone recommended the blue sapphire gin anchorage in Lakka, at the north end of the island. We arrived early enough to get a good position in sparkling calm waters.

Hour by hour, more and more boats descended upon the small anchorage......and then the wind shifted. Everyone ended up swinging on each other! It was truly a S**t show!

So we left.

Searching for another anchorage in the strong northwesterly afternoon winds, we went further south and went to a large deep bay near the town of Gaios, still on Paxos. We found a spot and dropped the anchor in 30 metres! Deepest anchorage we have tried on Traveller IV so far! We had a calm night there without too many crazy boats.

Gaios - buildings and Churches are in pastel hues. Peach abounds!

Gaios turned out to be a very cute town, and although it was HOT, we wandered through the small back alleys and checked it out. I made a lunch reservation at a restaurant called Carnayo, supposedly the best on Paxos. Greeks eat lunch quite late, and although I made a 1pm booking, the restaurant didn't open until 1:30. So we sauntered some more through the hot streets of Gaios, going back in time to have the most delicious lunch.

Arnis won the ordering well award for his starter of fried feta on top a gorgeous salad of tomatoes and peaches!!! So completely yum. The peaches are so sweet at this time of year, and combined with the freshest tomatoes and herbs from the chef's garden, this salad was so delicious!

All in all a truly peachy day in Paxos! And I would recommend Carnayo as a fabulous choice for restaurant.

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